IIUM Press | Annual Report 2020 _______________________________________________________________________________________ 3 FOREWORD FROM THE DIRECTOR This is the IIUM Press Annual Report where it’s aimed to represent the operation, activity and achievement throughout the year 2020. This past year we have had to face a crisis of pandemic COVID-19 like never before with our whole way of life completely disrupted. IIUM Press quickly made it a priority to be in close contact with publisher’s agencies and bodies such as MAPIM, MABOPA, MBKM and all book distributors in Malaysia. Publishers in every corner of the world and in Malaysia especially have stepped up to the challenge, finding new ways to bring books to readers, researcher, teachers and students. We have been generous and responsible as a university publisher, often making our publications and scholars resources available for the IIUM community and to the public. I have always been proud to be part of IIUM Press, but the last 12 months have made IIUM Press prouder still. This report shows how IIUM Press has not stopped in its efforts to promote its publications, articles, copyright and struggle to achieve its annual objectives. Indeed, its shows how much we have achieved and how much we are looking to the future. Never before has the IIUM Press undertaken such an exercise of establishing a clear picture of book publications from so many different angles. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks to the University Management, IIUM Press staff, authors, all publishers and our book distributor’s partners, MAPIM, MABOPA and MBKM for their continued support for IIUM Press, even under such difficult circumstances. Let us pray to Allah S.W.T to overcome this crisis, together. ROOSFA HASHIM Director, IIUM Press